Why an AMC?

Association Management Companies (AMCs) are commercial companies that specialize in providing services to membership organizations. The concept of outsourcing association management is well proven, particularly in the United States as well as in Brussels, serving European Institutions. In Greece, there are growing numbers of membership organizations and the services provided by AMCs become crucial.

AMCs provide the necessary office facilities and personnel – leaving the volunteer committee and board members to concentrate on moving the organization forward.

  • AMCs have a pool of in house expertise and contacts – which stand-alone organizations find it costly and difficult to match.
  • AMCs often work to fixed fee contracts – reducing the scope for any nasty surprises on costs.
  • AMCs can use their experience of running other organizations for your benefit – limiting the learning curve.
  • AMCs have economies of scale – passing on cost savings to their clients.
  • AMCs can offer flexible staffing options allowing organizations to use them on a needs basis – with no costly “down time” when activity levels are low.
  • AMCs can offer smaller organizations a higher profile with “a full time office at a part time price”.
  • AMCs not only have experienced staff but they work to established professional standards.